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What are the residence halls like?

March 31, 2010

First year students are housed in one of four residence halls. While their names are different, their accommodations are generally similar. Each first year hall houses about 15 students who are all supervised by a student Residence Assistant who lives on the hall full-time. The external doors are locked 24 hours-a-day and activated only by your W&L swipe card. All of the residence halls are well within walking distance to both campus and Main Street. About 40% of our rooms are singles and our halls are mainly single-sex. For the first time ever last year students were offered the option of living on a co-ed hall, while they still maintained single-sex bathroom facilities. .Rooms with facilities for physically disabled students are available in both singles and doubles, and substance-free halls geared toward students who refrain from drinking alcohol are also an option.

Rooms are all equipped with broadband internet connections. Besides your Ethernet cable, make sure you bring a window fan, as most of our first year residence halls are not air conditioned. This is most noticeable in early September when school begins, but the cool Virginia autumn means you won’t miss AC for long.

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